Incoming Student FAQ: HSES wants to make sure that our incoming families are kept up to date on the 2020 Instructional Model, and that they know where to go with questions.  I thought it would be a good idea for me to put all the answers to your questions in one place.  Please visit the HSES FAQ Page to get answers to our most frequently asked questions.  I'm also going to answer some of the questions below!

  1. Email accounts: All incoming students, 9th and 10th grade, have an email account.  It's already set up for you, and in fact, you have messages waiting for you!  Students, go to  Your email address is your   .   That's why my email is!   Your password is your student ID!  

  2. HSES Daily Schedule: If you opted in to blended learning, you were accepted.  The day that you come to school is based on your last name.  Everybody who is doing blended learning comes to school only one day a week, except students with IEPs and English Language Learners, who also come in on Friday for more support.  You can find out which day you come to school here !  You can also see what the schedule for each day looks like.  

  3. 100% Remote: If you opted in to 100% remote learning, you were accepted.  If you changed your mind and now want to go 100% remote, fill out the survey here

  4. Class Schedules: Speaking of schedules, you will be able to see what classes you're taking and what your daily program is very soon on  This is also where you'll see your grades!  Parents are also encouraged to sign up.  Need more info on how to sign up?  Click here .

  5. Building Community for Students: Students, please get your email set up as soon as you can!  9th Graders, your new guidance counselor, Ms. Fredericks, sent you an email introducing herself!  Next week, Ms. Fredericks will be hosting Google Meets in small groups where you can meet some other students and start to get to know each other!  It's going to be awesome!  10th Graders also have an email waiting for them in their accounts from their counselor, Ms. Ching.  Check their emails for more information.  They also both talk about what counseling and guidance is going to look like this year- all very important stuff! 

  6. Also, please follow @hseseagles  @studentsofhses  and me, @APJRod on Instagram where you can also connect with people and ask questions!

  7. Building Community for Families: Next week, we will be rolling out opportunities for families in the same borough and district to connect.  More on that soon!

  8. More questions?: I strongly encourage all of you to watch the Town Hall, if you have not already done so.  Principal Najmi talks about what this year is going to look like, and the answer to your question may be there!  Watch the Parent Town Hall  .  If your question isn't answered in the Town Hall or the FAQ, your next step would be to:  email the 9th grade guidance counselor ,  or  email the 10th grade guidance counselor !

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